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Who Is Finneas’ Girlfriend? What We Know About His Relationship With Claudia Sulewski


Who Is Finneas’ Girlfriend? What We Know About His Relationship With Claudia Sulewski

Finneas O'Connell and his girlfriend Claudia Sulewski at a Spotify party in 2020

Perhaps you already know that Billie Eilish’s brother Finneas is partly responsible for all of his little sister’s hit songs. As Billie’s co-writer, producer, and all-around collaborator, he’s earned eight Grammy awards for his work. So it’s no surprise that people are as curious about his personal life as they are about Billie’s. Since 2018, he’s been dating Claudia Sulewski—and the two have been inseparable ever since. But who exactly is the brunette bombshell and how did they meet? Find out what we know about Finneas’ girlfriend and whether or not the couple has plans to tie the knot anytime soon.

What Is Claudia Sulewski Famous For?

Claudia Sulewski smiling while wearing pale pink dress
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Claudia Sulewski, 25, is a social media influencer who hails from the Chicago suburbs. She currently boasts 2.45 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, over 2 million followers on Instagram, and almost 799,000 followers on TikTok.

Sulewski has been uploading YouTube vlogs—which cover everything from beauty and fashion to travel and home design—since 2009. (You can also catch a fair share of vids with Finneas, natch.) She also had a side hustle in 2015 as Teen Vogue’s official YouTube host.

But according to her IMDb bio, she has her sights set on an acting career. She currently has 10 credits to her name, starting with a role in the 2015 TV short A Christmas Carol + Zombies. Between 2016 and 2018 she appeared regularly in three TV series: The Commute, Versus, and T@gged. Sulewski’s highest-profile project to date, I Love My Dad (starring Patton Oswalt), is currently in post-production and set for a 2022 release.

How Did Finneas And Claudia Meet?

Sulewski and Finneas began dating in September 2018. In an April 2020 episode of their podcast We Bought a House, the couple shared that they met on a dating app. Things moved quickly and Sulewski revealed that they began talking about living together four months into their relationship.

She also immediately became Finneas’ muse. In a 2019 interview with BuzzFeed, the musician revealed that he wrote his song “Claudia” the very same day that he met her.

“I think you’re gonna change my plans / With those emerald eyes / But you don’t even understand / How much they’re on my mind,” he sings in the opening lyrics.

Finneas delivered the start of the tune to her that evening and let her feedback guide him to the finish line.

“I sent her the first part, and she texted me back, ‘You’re trouble,’” he explained. “And then [I wrote] the chorus, which is the ‘I’m in trouble now’ part.”

It was only the first of many songs about Sulewski.

“Claudia has been a huge influence on my music in terms of just like how important she is to my life,” Finneas told Us. “I think I’ve always tended to write about my true real-life experiences and she’s definitely at the core of all of that. So there’s a lot of songs about Claudia. 

They Co-Hosted A Podcast Together

Finneas and Claudia’s podcast, We Bought A House, launched in March 2020. The name was inspired by the fact that the two moved into a $ 5.2 million oceanfront cottage in Malibu (per Variety).

According to their debut episode, Finneas hoped for episodes to act as friendly conversations. The couple kept things loose, dishing out relationship advice one week and giving their takes on pop culture phenomenons (e.g. Tiger King and Bridgerton) the next. We Bought A House ran for 33 episodes, but things wound down in January 2021.

In March, Sulewski appeared on YouTube to explain why the project petered out.

“For the most part so much fun for us to do… but we unfortunately have decided to take, we’re calling it an indefinite break,” she explained. “It’s no longer something we want to consistently do, It just wasn’t sustainable for us…”

She added that the later episodes were “unrepresentative” of the couple and the fresh content they wanted to deliver.

But, she added, “I’m so glad we have them to look back on… because we definitely shared some very, very funny stories on there.”

So what does the future hold for Sulewski and Finneas? Enjoying domestic life is a definite yes. But walking down an aisle to the chime of wedding bells? Not if you ask Finneas.

In May 2020, Us flat-out asked if marriage was in the picture. Billie’s big brother didn’t hesitate to answer, “Nope. Not yet.”

“I think moving together was such a fun and great step, and adopting a dog,” Sulewski said.

For now, the couple is simply surviving the pandemic and biding time by hiking and playing Sudoku. It sounds like a healthy start for something greater down the road.


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