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Where Gwen Stefani’s Relationship With Her Ex-Husband Stands In 2020


Where Gwen Stefani’s Relationship With Her Ex-Husband Stands In 2020

In 2015, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale split after nearly 13 years of marriage. Later that year, the No Doubt singer would announce that she was in a relationship with Blake Shelton. The celebrity of the people involved has led many supermarket tabloids to take the narrative into their own hands and make up lots of salacious rumors about the ex-spouses. Here’s a few that Gossip Cop has debunked over the past couple of years.

Did Gavin Rossdale Turn Their Kids Against Blake Shelton?

In June 2018, OK! released an article alleging that Stefani was “livid” at Rossdale for turning their three children against Shelton. Rossdale supposedly “said some nasty things” about the country star to his kids over Facetime — though exactly what he said isn’t mentioned. Gossip Cop checked in with Stefani’s spokesperson, who told us the story was nothing more than “tabloid bull.” Mind you, this was already two and a half years into Shelton and Stefani’s relationship, so it’d be pretty weird for Rossdale to launch a smear campaign against him out of the blue.

Was Gwen Stefani Still In Love With Rossdale?

That September, it was reported that the ex-spouses were in mediation together to work out their parenting styles. Perhaps taking inspiration from this news, gossip blog Radar Online claimed that Stefani was “still in love" with Rossdale despite, once again, being in a committed relationship with Blake Shelton. The site insisted that “Stefani “made the staggering confession to pals last month,” adding that she would “take Gavin back in a minute” and that Shelton was merely a “rebound romance.”

This, obviously, was totally false. Stefani had explained in a recent interview that she thought about marrying Shelton “all the time” — not exactly the behavior of someone who’s supposed to be just rebounding with a guy. Moreover, Stefani’s rep assured Gossip Cop that the rumor was entirely “untrue.” Nearly two years later, Stefani and Shelton are still going strong.

Are We Sure About That?

Just a week later, one of that website’s sister publications, the National Enquirer, pushed its own version of that phony claim. “Her feelings for [Rossdale] are stronger than any she’ll ever feel for Blake,” an anonymous “insider” told the outlet, adding that Stefani would take Rossdale back “in a minute,” despite also alleging that she “can’t stand” him. Stefani’s rep, who was probably getting pretty tired of this rumor, assured Gossip Cop once again that it was untrue.

Did Gwen Stefani Beg The Pope For An Annulment?

A lot of recent buzz on Stefani’s personal life has resulted in rumors that the signer wanted to get her marriage to Rossdale annulled by the Catholic Church so she could marry Shelton in an official Catholic wedding. In March of 2019, the Enquirer, published a story about how Stefani was going to beg Pope Francis himself to annul the marriage.

Right, like that’s totally something the Pope has time in his schedule for. Stefani’s spokesperson assured Gossip Cop that this story, like all the others, was sheer nonsense. Funny how in the span of half a year this tabloid switched from insisting that Stefani would drop Shelton for Rossdale in a heartbeat to claiming she was taking extreme measures to be able to marry Shelton. In reality, Stefani and Rossdale are simply working together to co-parent their children, and there’s been no sudden confessions or messy fights.


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