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WELP! Sharelle Rosado Responds To DJ Envy Insinuating ‘Selling Tampa’ Is Purposely ‘Embarrassing’ Black Women

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WELP! Sharelle Rosado Responds To DJ Envy Insinuating ‘Selling Tampa’ Is Purposely ‘Embarrassing’ Black Women

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Sharelle Rosado had a few things to say to DJ Envy after he insinuated her cast members were selling more drama than homes on “Selling Tampa,” comparing the show to the white women on “Selling Sunset.”

“The Breakfast Club” host vented on Instagram earlier this week about the alleged lack of homes sold on the series and dubbed it “kind of embarrassing.”

“The same person created both shows. SMH,” DJ Envy captioned a post that included carousel photos of the “Selling Tampa” cast and then the “Selling Sunset” cast of the second slide.

1 show sold no homes….NONE!!! Kind of embarrassing. The other show sells homes. Hmmm….” DJ Envy pointed out. “Anybody else watches these shows??”

After making his point, Envy was quickly challenged by several of the cast members who took issue with his comments.

“Selling Tampa” star Colony Reeves thanked Envy for posting about the show and urged him to watch it more closely.

“If you did, you will see some homes were sold,” said Colony. “Keep in mind this is only season 1 and there’s only so much that can be put into 30 minutes and 8 episodes.”

Similarly, “Selling Tampa” star Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere also thanked Envy for watching and noted that “juicier” closings made it on the show.

“Yes thank you so much for watching,” said Anne-Sophie. “The show was filmed throughout a few months and chopped up to just a few episodes 30 mins long. We had many closings but I guess it’s hard to fit all of that content in just a few episodes so they chose the “juicier” ones cause let’s face it people want to be entertained. Let’s not compare our day 1 to Selling Sunset’s season 4 all I’m saying.”

Most recently Sharelle Rosado who leads the cast with her Allure Realty group also disagreed with Envy and  addressed his criticism in an interview with Fox Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens.”

During her interview, she told the hosts that there were homes sold  “Selling Tampa” although the focus was to really showcase the ladies elevating into luxury real estate — not selling, “if he paid attention.”

“The story behind it, if he paid attention, was we were stepping into a luxury division. And we made huge deals on the show. We got with a developer and we listed all of his listings.”

Prior to her interview, Sharelle also told Envy that she’d love to come on “The Breakfast Club” to discuss his criticism and the host agreed to the sitdown. Envy also gave the ladies their props while wishing that they were portrayed in a more “positive light.”

Do YOU think Sharelle and the “Selling Tampa” ladies were selling more drama than anything this season? Or should people give them a break?


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