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Truth About David And Victoria Beckham Flirting With Other People


Truth About David And Victoria Beckham Flirting With Other People

Victoria and David Beckham have been married for 21 years. Apparently, that’s not good enough for certain publications to leave the relationship alone. The couple are attacked constantly by the tabloid media, often with allegations of infidelity. Here are just a few times Gossip Cop has corrected these phony narratives.

It’s Not Also David Beckham Either

Usually, the claims focus on the former Manchester United star flirting with other women, but sometimes, the former Spice Girl gets the attention. In February 2019, Star claimed that Victoria “got flirty” with Matthew McConaughey when they both appeared on Good Morning America together. A so-called “source” told the magazine, “He was very receptive to her flirting too. There’s no doubt Matthew was enjoying her advances — she showered him with attention.”

As we reported at the time, the story was completely false. For starters, McConaughey is also happily married. Not to mention the fact that on the very same program, Victoria called David her “soulmate.” Odd thing to say when you’re supposedly flirting with a married man, don’t you think? Gossip Cop busted this one cold.

But It Usually Is David

Ultimately though, David Beckham takes the brunt of most of these untrue stories. Take, for example, when NW alleged that the couple got into their “biggest fight ever” over David’s supposed “wandering eye” in March 2018. It wasn’t enough to pick out a random person, like say, Courteney Cox, as tabloids have done. Instead, this story purported that it was every woman.

The argument, which supposedly took place in public at a hotel in New York City, was completely false, as expected. Despite testimony from anonymous sources claiming that the couple were drifting apart, it was apparent that the story was made up. A quick glance at their social media, both then as well as now, shows how close they still are, even two decades on.

Victoria Beckham Mad About Her Trainer?

A few months after that story, another tabloid asserted that David had “stolen” Victoria’s attractive blonde trainer. Heat published the phony report after David was spotted in public with the trainer, and that was enough to invent a tall tale about Victoria being “a little bit annoyed at this new friendship.” Gossip Cop ran the story by Victoria’s spokesperson, who denied it was true.

And Then There’s This Stupid Thing

Perhaps the silliest of all these stories comes from New Idea. Last September, the unintentionally hilarious outlet “reported” that Victoria was jealous of David for getting married to model Angela Yeung Wing…for a television commercial! Seriously, how stupid do these tabloids think we are? Gossip Cop took great pleasure in calling out the tabloid for that insane bit of nonsense. The bottom line is that you can’t trust the tabloids to report honestly on the Beckhams.


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