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Truth About Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Having Kids Together In 2020


Truth About Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Having Kids Together In 2020

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are on friendly terms but the tabloids have continued to try and insinuate the two are back together. This year, rumors have spread that the former spouses welcomed a baby together. Gossip Cop has not only stressed countless times that the two aren’t back together but they haven’t had a child together. Here are the few times we clarified the corrected narrative Aniston and Pitt had a baby recently.

Jennifer Aniston Wanted Brad Pitt’s Baby?

Earlier this year, the National Enquirer purported Jennifer Aniston wanted to have Brad Pitt’s child through IVF. The often incorrect paper claimed the actress, who froze her eggs while she was married to Pitt, was planning to undergo in vitro fertilization to carry their child. The outlet further contended Angelina Jolie was “going to be furious” because her kids would end up with half-sibling from Aniston, but that the Friends star “doesn’t care.” The entire story was made-up. Separate reps for Pitt and Aniston denied the phony piece.

Brad And Jen’s Secret Twins

A month later, New Idea proclaimed Pitt and Aniston were expecting twins via a surrogate. The tabloid claimed the same surrogate that carried Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twins, Michelle Ross, was also doing the same for Pitt and Aniston. However, Gossip Cop couldn’t find any other evidence to support this wild story. The outlet based its absurd story on an interview Jennifer Aniston did with Sandra Bullock in which she stated she could see kids in her future. We dismissed the bogus story when it came out.

Did Brad And Jennifer Welcome Twin Secretly? Another Phony Story By The Tabloids

Yet, not too long after, New Idea once again alleged Aniston and Pitt welcomed twins “secretly” via surrogacy. After Gossip Cop had already corrected the idea that the ex-spouses were having a baby together, the magazine still contended the two had “possibly” welcomed twins. Here’s what was happening: Ross, who we stated was the same surrogate that carried twins for Parker and Broderick, did give birth to another set of twins and the outlet asserted those twins possibly belonged to Pitt and Aniston. Even though it has been proven that Pitt and Aniston aren’t even back together, Gossip Cop still reached out to a spokesperson for Aniston who confirmed the rumor wasn’t true.

Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt’s Secret Love Child

Two months ago, New Idea switched its tactics and claimed that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had a secret daughter hidden away for years. The tabloid’s headline alleged this supposed “love child” was kept a secret from the “evil” Angelina Jolie, but then the accompanying article talks about Pitt’s niece who Aniston loved like a daughter. The magazine pulled a classic bait and switch on its readers. Gossip Cop explained that there was never a “secret daughter” kept away like some princess in a Disney movie, and once again Aniston and Pitt are not back together.

In short, we understand the media and fans’ obsession with the former couple. But for argument’s sake, we think it’s time the tabloids give it rest and stop giving the world false hope that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt will rekindle their romance.


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