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Tim McGraw Walks Out On Faith Hill, Getting $200 Million Divorce?


Tim McGraw Walks Out On Faith Hill, Getting $200 Million Divorce?

Did Tim McGraw walk out on Faith Hill? A tabloid claimed that the couple was headed for a $ 200 million divorce. Gossip Cop has investigated the story, and here’s what we found.

In Touch boldly declared on its cover that Tim McGraw “dumped” Faith Hill. The accompanying article, however, purported something different. The publication claimed that following McGraw’s decision to leave Sony Music, which still has his wife on its roster, the country star is doing a country solo tour and planned to leave Hill behind. 

“Tim pulled a shocking move, he’d been signed with Faith and they released their last album together. They wanted to headline another tour together and return to their Las Vegas residency as a team, something they felt kept them close for many years,” a supposed source told the magazine.

The dubious source continued, “Her career has been connected to his for so long that this leaves her in the dust.” 

The outlet maintained the country stars are “taking a break. It’s as if he’s dumped her.” The tipster continued, saying that Hill had “major trust issues” with her husband due to his past drinking and partying on the road. “She played the devoted wife, but she would be fuming at home. Many nasty emails and texts went back and forth between them. Some of the emails even leaked,” the unnamed source added.

The story then took a twisted turn and threw in Taylor Swift after the anonymous source claimed that Hill was very jealous of the “Blank Space” singer. “When Taylor Swift opened for them on their ‘Soul2Soul’ tour years ago and Faith was insanely jealous, and who can blame her?” the sketchy source stated. 

The paper maintained that this led to fights between the couple and McGraw had finally “had enough.” 

The story concluded with the supposed insider asserting that Hill “hoped their new life together would include touring together and going on extended vacations. But Tim seemed intent on going his own way, which hurt her.” The so-called tipster noted that the couple’s divorce would be “one of the biggest, most expensive divorces in the music industry.”

While it is true that McGraw left Sony earlier this year, it’s untrue that he walked out on his wife. Gossip Cop had already corrected a similar tale from the Globe that falsely reported that McGraw had left Hill. The article came out around the same time In Touch‘s story did. While both outlets based their stories on the words of an untraceable source, Gossip Cop spoke to a spokesperson for McGraw, who confirmed that the story was fabricated.

Furthermore, the couple’s marriage has been scrutinized by the tabloids for far too long. In November of last year, Gossip Cop busted the Globe for incorrectly stating that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s marriage exploded. The bogus story asserted that the couple was headed for a $ 167 million divorce since their youngest daughter was leaving soon for college. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. Gossip Cop exposed the fictitious narrative when it first came out, just as we did with this latest farce.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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