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Sofia Vergara Proposes To George Clooney…


Sofia Vergara Proposes To George Clooney…

A tabloid reports that a secret proposal was made to George Clooney by Sofia Vergara. With a headline “caught out,” there are seemingly unseemly implications. Gossip Cop investigates this story.

An Offer He Can’t Refuse

According to New Idea, Vergara has offered Clooney a “new money-spinning crime caper flick” which she and Hollywood believe could make a lot of money. “George is brilliant at comedy,” a pal tells the tabloid, “and he’s got the same sex appeal Sofia does.” The comedy would be a welcome break for Clooney, whose “fans are dying for him to take a break from his serious movies.”

The new pairing could be dangerous for Amal Clooney. The tabloid says “Amal will no doubt be keeping close tabs on the duo’s schedule.” Both Amal and Joe Manganiello will be “very uncomfortable watching the sparks fly on set.” The tabloid concludes by warning Amal that “regular visits to the set could be a marriage-saving move.”

Oh… So It’s A Film Proposal

If New Idea had a specialty, it would be bait-and-switch stories. This article promised that Vergara and Clooney had been “caught out,” with Clooney “itching to do something fun” with her. The reader’s mind is meant to go to romance, but that is simply not the story the reader gets. Instead, we get a pretty banal tale about how a team-up between Vergara and Clooney could make money.

Gossip Cop has confronted these bait-and-switch stories time and again from this tabloid. It recently said Bindi Irwin was having quadruplets, but quickly recanted in the actual article to say she was only having one baby. It claimed to have an exclusive interview with Kate Middleton, but the interview was only about the Duchess of Cambridge. The tabloid purposefully uses misleading or outright unrelated headlines for banal stories, just like here where it tries to make a Hollywood collaboration sound indecent.

No Evidence Of A Comedy Caper In The Works

While both Clooney and Vergara are keeping busy schedules, there is no evidence that the two are going to collaborate. Vergara recently joined the judges’ panel on America’s Got Talent. Clooney is directing and starring in The Midnight Sky and will direct The Tender Bar for Amazon afterward. This will keep both stars busy for some time.

Plenty Of Comedies In His Repetoire

It’s also worth noting, in regards to Clooney not making enough comedies, that two of his most recent projects were Hail, Caesar! and A Very Murray Christmas, so it’s not as though he’s been doing exclusively dramas for years or anything. News of an actual team-up between Vergara and Clooney, a random pairing if ever there was one, would come from legitimate news sources and not within a bait-and-switch tabloid story.

Other Phony Cheating Stories From This Tabloid

This isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has busted a phony George Clooney cheating story. This tabloid has said he cheated with Meghan Markle, then a few months later it was with Catherine Zeta-Jones. We also busted a different kind of proposal story about Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie. If Vergara and Clooney did collaborate on a big-budget comedy, we think it would probably do well at the box office. However, there’s no truth to the story of Vergara making any such proposal.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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