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Report: Johnny Depp Furious Disney’s In Talks To Cast Amber Heard In Live Action ‘Tangled’


Report: Johnny Depp Furious Disney’s In Talks To Cast Amber Heard In Live Action ‘Tangled’

Amber Heard at the Film Independent Spirit Awards in a patterned jacket.

Is Amber Heard going to star in a Tangled remake? One report believes Johnny Depp, who is still embroiled in an ongoing court battle over alleged domestic abuse, is furious that Disney would work with Heard but not with him. Gossip Cop investigates.

Casting Getting Under Depp’s Skin

According to the National Enquirer, Disney “has kicked [Johnny Depp] while he’s down by considering” Amber Heard for a role. Insiders said Heard “is reportedly in contention to play fairy-tale heroine Rapunzel in the studio’s upcoming live-action remake of Tangled.” A source said, “For Amber to be in the running for a Disney pic is the ultimate insult… especially because he believes the company made millions of dollars off his name.”

Gossip Cop’s Take

The casting news may be true as there is a rumor floating around that Heard is in talks to star in a Tangled remake. That said, this film has not been officially announced, nor have any casting decisions been made public. Disney has live-action adaptations of nearly every single animated movie in its catalog, yet there is precious little information on a Tangled remake. This movie wouldn’t even enter production for years, so any stories speculating on a cast are more than a little premature.

Plus, this rumor comes from the same source who has said Heard was in talks to be in Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Fantastic Four, and become a Disney princess. Heard has yet to join any of these franchises, so it’s best to take this story with the tiniest grain of salt. Disney would never release its casting news through a source like this. If and when a live-action Tangled cast is assembled, you’ll see news about it from EW or Deadline, but not the National Enquirer.

Furthermore, Depp’s exit from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise may not have anything to do with Heard. His films have seen dwindling box office returns, and there are numerous stories about his unprofessional conduct on the set. This Enquirer story is using a lot of speculation to create drama where probably none exists.

Other Bogus Depp Stories

This story is just an attempt to connect the ongoing court battle between Depp and Heard to the rumor about Tangled. This is not the first time the tabloid has used the ongoing Heard-Depp scandal to sell magazines. Gossip Cop recently busted this tabloid for claiming Depp’s career is over because of Heard’s abuse allegations. The situation between Heard and Depp is not a cut-and-dry one. It’s complicated, serious, and has yet to reach any legal conclusion, so saying Depp’s career has ended over it is not telling a complete story.

The Enquirer also claimed Depp was going broke after losing a UK court case, but he still has millions in the bank thanks to a very successful career. We also busted a very strange story about Depp marrying a go-go dancer in Russia, that was completely false.

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