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Report: Jennifer Aniston Set To Make $10 Million On Memoir


Report: Jennifer Aniston Set To Make $10 Million On Memoir

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A story this week reports Jennifer Aniston is writing a memoir in which she will hold nothing back. She plans, according to the piece, to reveal everything about her early life: her struggles with her mother, and, as most fans hope, her marriage to Brad Pitt and how she feels about Angelina Jolie. Gossip Cop has the details.

$ 10 Million On The Table

“Jen’s Set To Spill In Tell-All” reads a headline in this week’s National Enquirer. According to the outlet, Aniston has spent a significant amount of the last year during pandemic devoted to outlining a new memoir. The book, says sources, will “rip the lid off her broken marriage to Brad Pitt and her dysfunctional relationship with mom Nancy Dow,” and it could net The Morning Show star $ 10 million.

Sources say, “Jen is in a unique position. The appetite for her memoir couldn’t be higher. She knows it, her team knows it, and she’s spent much of her free time during quarantine collecting her memories and writing them down. She’s keeping super quiet about the exact contents, but you can bet all the big topics of her life will be addressed in full.” Those topics, the insider claims, will include “her difficult childhood and battles with her mom to secrets about her marriage to Brad and its demise, plus her hatred towards Angelina Jolie.”

Inspired By Demi Moore And Tina Fey

The book is said to be inspired by the success of Demi Moore’s recent memoir and Tiny Fey’s from 2011. The source even says, “It would mortify Jen to sell fewer copies than Tina!” The goal, therefore is 2 million copies, and “anything short of that would be an embarrassment,” says the insider.

The tabloid does hedge its bold claim, with the source saying, “If Jen gets cold feet or doesn’t think she can clear that threshold, she won’t even bother bringing a title to market.” Still, the source continues, “She’s been writing with the idea that, in the next 18 months, she can come out with something that makes a real splash — with critics and with fans!”

Where Have We Heard This Before?

It’s important to take note of the bit about the “cold feet,” because the truth is this tabloid is completely clueless. It either has no insight into Aniston’s plans or is making the whole thing up. Not only does Aniston’s rep completely deny the story, but this also isn’t even the first the Enquirer has run this story.

Almost exactly one year ago, on the pages of this very website, Gossip Cop debunked this very same claim from this very same publication. The only difference? While this time the tabloid “estimates” Jennifer Aniston could earn $ 10 million, last year it claimed the book could be worth “$ 65 million or more!” Oh, what a difference a year makes. It makes it hard to believe the rag’s claim that the “appetite for her memoir couldn’t be higher,” when it seems it was higher last year when this paper ran the same story.

Last year, like this year, Aniston’s publicist debunked the bogus report, and we have no reason to believe anything has changed. Is it possible the actress could write a memoir at some point? Of course! She’s one of the biggest stars in the world, so she certainly would have a huge built-in audience. But Gossip Cop can safely say she’s not planning to currently. When she is, we’re sure she’ll announce it herself.

Don’t Ever Trust This Source

The National Enquirer has a comically poor record when it reports on Jennifer Aniston. In May, we busted a story by it that claimed Aniston was feuding with Vera Farmiga over a part in the Many Saints of Newark. That article claimed she was “bitter” about being snubbed by the Sopranos prequel. At the time, we weren’t sure the two actors even knew each other. We still don’t.

Of course, nothing can compete with the number of times we’ve busted the Enquirer for alleging Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are reuniting. It’s been the number topic in the tabloids for years, and despite the couple being better friends now than at any time since they were married, they simply aren’t getting back together as a couple.


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