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Megan Fox Dumped By Machine Gun Kelly Already?


Megan Fox Dumped By Machine Gun Kelly Already?

Are Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox no more? The hot new couple has already called it quits according to one report. Gossip Cop can debunk this story.

And On The 77th Day, Kelly Dumps Fox

According to In Touch, Fox “has been dumped” just weeks after saying she and Kelly “are two halves of the same soul.” According to one supposed source, “she was coming on too strong” and Kelly had to end it. “Megan wanted to marry Machine Gun right away” and Kelly simply was not ready. The article says it’s yet another heartbreaking moment for the Jennifer’s Body star.

Proof? Lack Of Instagram Photos

To prove its story beyond a questionable tipster, the tabloid cites the recency of Instagram posts as proof of a break-up. The article says Kelly “last posted about Megan… on July 28” while “her most recent post about him was August 5.” Kelly posted a video of himself and Fox on August 6, but that’s not the biggest issue here. The tabloid does not say what Kelly said in his July 28 post.

He’s the one talking about eternity, not Fox. The tabloid can’t quote his post or it would disprove itself. Furthermore, people don’t need to post on Instagram every day to prove they’re still together. You wouldn’t see a report about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip breaking up just because he’s not active on Instagram.

He Called Her Out At The VMAs

Machine Gun Kelly won an MTV video music award just last week for his music video “My Bloody Valentine.” Fox stars in the video, and so Kelly thanked her in his acceptance speech.

Kelly’s enthusiasm is pretty sweet. He notably keeps the photo of Fox for last in his acceptance. Whether intentional or unintentional, Fox is the last person he thanks and says he’ll meet up with her soon. Clearly they’re still together and this tabloid was wrong.

Other Made-Up Break-Ups from In Touch

Gossip Cop regularly debunks this tabloid over phony break-up rumors. It claimed Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi were splitting right around the time de Rossi went on Instagram to publicly back her wife up. It said Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy were going to divorce because of the college admissions scandal, but a year later they are still together. Most recently, fellow rapper Kanye West was allegedly about to be dumped by Kim Kardashian, but Kardashian has made it very clear that a divorce is not in the cards.

The rumor mill churns ever onward that the relationship between Fox and Kelly is not going to last. Only time will tell if the “My Bloody Valentine” collaborators will actually last for eternity as Kelly wants. What is certain though, is that Kelly has not dumped Fox after only 77 days.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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