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Lady Gaga Dated Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner And Her Sound Engineer In A Matter Of Months?


Lady Gaga Dated Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner And Her Sound Engineer In A Matter Of Months?

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Jeremy Renner Dated Months

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A tabloid claims Lady Gaga has dated Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner and her sound engineer Dan Horton, all in a matter of months. The story isn’t remotely accurate. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

“Gaga’s Gone Guy Crazy!” reads a headline in the latest issue of the National Enquirer. Late last month, the singer was spotted kissing Horton during a lunch date in Los Angeles, but according to the magazine, her new romance is coming on the heels of a couple of famous flings. “She’s playing the field and has a few good men on the go,” a supposed source tells the magazine.

The alleged insider adds, “After so many failed relationships, she’s happy to be making the rounds.” When it comes to her A Star Is Born co-star, the tipster says, “She adores Bradley, he can do no wrong.” As for Renner, “he’s a dear friend and they have fun, but there are no strings attached. She doesn’t do exclusive with anyone!”

The only remotely true aspect of this story is that Gaga appears to be in a new relationship with her sound engineer. The singer was never romantically involved with either Cooper or Renner, despite such rumors cropping up several times over the past few months.

False stories about Gaga dating Cooper began emerging when the co-stars were still shooting A Star Is Born. Separate reps for both the singer and the actor have refuted all reports about them being a couple. As for the Enquirer, the outlet alleged in March that Irina Shayk was forcing Cooper to choose between her and Gaga. Although the actor and his girlfriend split shortly later, he obviously didn’t end up with his co-star instead.

In March, many unreliable tabloids began linking Gaga to Renner simply because the two are friendly and have been spotted at the same events. The Enquirer’s sister publication, In Touch, even claimed in April that Cooper and Renner both wanted to marry Gaga. The story was totally absurd. As for Horton, it’s unclear how serious Gaga’s relationship is with her colleague, but there’s certainly something there, which has never been the case with Cooper or Renner.

Here’s what’s really happening. The gossip media has been linking the singer to both actors for quite some time, but now that it’s clear she isn’t romancing either one, the Enquirer has decided to go with this phony angle about her constantly playing the field and going “guy crazy.” An individual in Gaga’s campy assures Gossip Cop that the magazine’s article is total nonsense, just like its countless other reports surrounding the singer’s love life.


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