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Kodak Black & A Woman Get Super Raunchy At Hockey Game!!! [VIDEO]


Kodak Black & A Woman Get Super Raunchy At Hockey Game!!! [VIDEO]

Kodak Black Gets Caught Enjoying Himself A Little Too Much At A Hockey Game [VIDEO]

Kodak Black became the main attraction at a hockey game.

Florida rapper Kodak Black caught the eye of spectators at a Panthers hockey game when he was in the midst of some obscene acts in the box. From afar, it looked as if the rhymer was engaging in sexual activity with another woman. A Bewildered Panther fan captured what they saw from their point of view and posted it on Twitter.  He captioned the tweet:

“I think Kodak found something better to do at the Panthers game.”

Meanwhile, Kodak was filming the scene from his perspective, which proved that he was not doing what everyone assumed.

According to Kodak’s page, the woman in the video is a rapper who goes by the name “Essence.” Prior to posting their viral activities, he promoted Essence and claimed that he wanted to see her become the next big name in female rap. He said:

@vvsnce This Girl Talented Af !!! The Hardest Female Rapper Fasho !!!! Ion Even Listen To Girl Artists , I Definitely A Vibe To Her Shit In The Car ….. Fuck All Da Other Shit I Wanna See Her Take Over This Music Shit In Da Female Category.”


She was present in a series of videos that documented Kodak’s time at the FLA Live arena.

Of course, Twitter couldn’t keep quiet about what they thought occurred between the pair.

“kodak black walked in……looked around the arena.. felt the atmosphere and was like ‘i can f*** in here’.”

“Kodak Black watching hockey like.”

“‘oh wow, kodak black is at the florida panthers game that’s so cool—’.”

“Kodak Black when he meets with the Panthers after this.”


“Just watched that Kodak Black video..”


“My dream job is ‘NHL employee who was tasked with calling Gary Bettman to explain the Kodak Black Incident,’”

“Kodak Black when he asks the Ravens about getting a suite next season.”


“Kodak Black at the Panthers game.”

“Spoke to a few team representatives from the Panthers and apparently the young lady in Kodak’s box lost a contact lens and he was kind enough to help her look for it.”

“Kodak Black has been offered an in person hearing with the NHL department of player safety for hitting from behind, per Frank Sunscreenandspaghetti.”

What do you think about Kodak Black’s hockey game incident? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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