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Justin Bieber Sprinkles Caucasian Croons On WizKid’s Smash Hit “Essence” For Not-Sure-If-Necessary Biebmix

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Justin Bieber Sprinkles Caucasian Croons On WizKid’s Smash Hit “Essence” For Not-Sure-If-Necessary Biebmix

This is the Biebmix

After months of moving hips from Lagos to Los Angeles, WizKid extended his winning streak by adding Justin Bieber to smash hit “Essence”–the undisputed song of the summer that’s nearly a YEAR old.

The inescapable bop (featuring breakout star Tems) is currently sitting at #54 on the Billboard Hot 100 where it’s expected to move up several spots over the new few days.

You may remember when Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee’s global obsession “Despacito” rocketed to #1 and tied Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men for the most weeks at the top spot (16) after the Biebs hopped on the remix.

Now, four years later, “Essence” appears to be headed to that coveted spot with the not-sure-if-necessary assist from the Biebs.

“That song has become emblematic of being back outside,” said former RCA Executive VP of A&R Tunji Balogun, who signed WizKid to the storied label in 2017.

“Then, a narrative on the internet started about the song being the song of the summer — and we took that energy and ran with it.”

Balogun, who was recently named Chairman/CEO of Def Jam (for obvious reasons), deserves much of the credit for the song growing into a global obsession.

“This is the first time where it feels like a song is competing on the level of a similarly promoted song from Western artists in the pop genre.

“And I hope that’s the lasting influence of the record — that it opens doors for more people with different styles and different textures.”

“Essence” debuted on the Hot 100 in July at #82 as the buzziest single off WizKid’s “Made In Lagos” album that dropped all the way back in October 2020. Since then, the sultry Afrobeat anthem has reigned as the song-of-the-moment at every party, function, get together, kick-back and anywhere else with beautiful people and a DJ.

“We just came out of the craziest pandemic … Afrobeats just spreads love around a room when you play it.”

Will you be bumping the Biebmix or sticking with the original? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter chitter-chatter on the flip.


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