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Jury To Be Anonymous And Partially Sequestered In Trial Of Ex-Cop Kim Potter, Shooting Of Daunte Wright

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Jury To Be Anonymous And Partially Sequestered In Trial Of Ex-Cop Kim Potter, Shooting Of Daunte Wright

We’re still months away from the trial of Kim Potter, the former Brooklyn Center, MN officer who shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright this past April, but there has been some motion in the case.


Source: CHANDAN KHANNA / Getty

The jury in the case will be anonymous and partially sequestered in the trial, according to CBS Local reports. Court documents filled in Hennepin County Court Tuesday reveal that Judge Regina Chu has ruled that no identifying information can be released to the public about potential and selected jurors.

“At the conclusion of deliberations, jurors’ names and some contact information shall be made public only by the Court and on a date designated by the Court in a subsequent written order,” Chu ruled.

Chu said the court can restrict access to juror information if the jury needs protection.

For now, Chu says the jury will be partially sequestered during the trial and fully sequestered during deliberations, but if that plan “proves ineffective,” the court may order full sequestration.

Additionally, Chu ordered that during jury selection, the defense will be allowed five peremptory challenges, while the state will get three.

Daunte Wright was only 20-years-old when he was fatally shot by Potter on April 11th after allegedly being pulled over for expired tags. After discovering Wright had an outstanding warrant, officers attempted to arrest him and that’s when Potter fired the deadly shots.

Potter and the city’s police chief resigned after the incident. Before his resignation, the former Brooklyn Center police chief claimed he believed Potter mistakenly used her handgun instead of her taser and body camera footage of the incident shows Potter shouting, “Taser!” multiple times before firing.


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