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Jimmy Kimmel Leaving ‘Live’ After Contract Expires In 2022?


Jimmy Kimmel Leaving ‘Live’ After Contract Expires In 2022?

Jimmy Kimmel in a blue shirt

Is Jimmy Kimmel leaving late night behind? One report says the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host is going to exit the show once his contract ends in 2022. Gossip Cop investigates

‘Jimmy Pulling Plug’

According to the National Enquirer, the thrill is gone for Kimmel. With the retirement of Conan O’Brien, the former Man Show host is now the elder statesman of late-night television. A snitch says, “Jimmy is over it.”

Kimmel’s reportedly exhausted with the monotony of his life. A source says he’s “very rich and very bored. He doesn’t need the money, and he certainly doesn’t need to talk with Kim Kardashian or the next Bachelor ever again.” Kimmel’s contract expires in 2022, and that’s when he plans to bid the show adieu.

In a recent conversation with Howard Stern, Kimmel discussed the end of his show. He said, “I do love being off. I love not working… it’s really so much better than working.” Decision-makers at ABC are already searching for his replacement.

Is Jimmy Kimmel Quitting ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’?

This whole story is speculation because Kimmel has not announced any plans to leave. There’s no denying the monotony of being a late-night host, and you’d have to think he’d grow exhausted with the grind, yet he’s still sitting behind the desk every night.

Kimmel’s comments about loving his time off sound a lot more like a comedy bit than the words of someone at the end of his tenure. Nearly everyone on the planet enjoys a good vacation. Starting last year, Kimmel has started taking months off from the show. After 18 years on the air, he’s earned some time off.

This is reminiscent of Johnny Carson. In his later years, Carson took tons of time off, but he still remained the host of the show. It wouldn’t surprise Gossip Cop if Kimmel went this route: months off here and there so he can stay refreshed when he is behind the desk. That being said, there’s nothing stopping Kimmel from walking away when his contract ends or quitting before then.

One part of this story is definitively false: the search for a replacement. There hasn’t been a peep about a hosting search going on at ABC, and Kimmel’s guest hosts probably aren’t getting a Jeopardy!-esque trial run. Folks like Brie Larson and Pete Buttigieg are a little too busy for the exhausting late-night schedule. Since the search is made up, it’s safe to disregard this story.

Relevant Kimmel Myths

Kimmel has become a frequent Enquirer target thanks to a blackface scandal. Last year, it promised Kimmel would soon be replaced in the scandal’s fallout, yet he’s still here. It also claimed his friendship with Jennifer Aniston came to an end over the scandal, but a rep for Aniston denied this. She’s still happy to do bits with Kimmel, so it looks like this tabloid has no idea what it’s talking about.


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