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Jennifer Lopez Taking ‘Drastic Measures’ To Save Relationship With Alex Rodriguez?


Jennifer Lopez Taking ‘Drastic Measures’ To Save Relationship With Alex Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez in a black tux and Jennifer Lopez in a jewel tone dress at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez doing everything they can to prevent a break-up? One tabloid says the two are desperately avoiding divorce. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘J-Lo’s Drastic Measures To Save The Romance

According to Heat, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez “are pulling out all the stops to save their four-year romance, after going through what has been… a testing time.” Insiders say the couple “have been struggling to see eye-to-eye in lockdown together.” The couple has considered “having therapy during this time,” and are letting the stress out of their relationship through “a good, old-fashioned boogie.”

Rodriguez and Lopez have “been practicing dances like the rhumba and the tango to reignite that spark… and help them overcome their many obstacles.” An insider said “therapy can only do so much,” and dancing has “really brought the fun back into their relationship.” The article concludes by saying “nothing appeals quite like a turn on the dance floor. Luckily for J-Lo, her fiancé’s also got the moves.”

Dancing is nothing new for Lopez and Rodriguez, for the two have been sharing dancing videos on Instagram for years now. What is new is a recent separation spurred by Lopez filming Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic. The couple recently reunited, and we can see how elated they are to be together. 

They’re Doing Fine

Clearly, there are no “drastic measures” being taken to save the relationship, for the relationship is not in any danger. Rodriguez and Lopez can dance all they want, but you can’t save a relationship when it doesn’t need saving.

Other Bogus Stories

This tabloid has a habit of printing bogus stories about Lopez and Rodriguez. It claimed the two were co-starring in a film together, but Rodriguez isn’t an actor and no such film is in production. Gossip Cop debunked its story about Jennifer Garner being angry with Ben Affleck because he spoke fondly of Lopez. Lopez and Garner are not feeding, nor is Affleck trying to date Garner.

Heat also claimed that Rodriguez and Lopez were planning to have a baby instead of getting married. Lopez does question the need to get married at all, but the two are still staying together. The two did not have another baby, and we haven’t heard a peep about that story since it came out.

Lopez and Rodriguez have reunited in the Dominican Republic, which only goes to show how committed they are to each other. Clearly, the spark is still there, and there’s no desperation to be found.

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