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Friends Urging Wendy Williams To Wear A Diaper?


Friends Urging Wendy Williams To Wear A Diaper?

Wendy Williams wearing colorful clothing.

Are Wendy Williams‘ friends urging her to start wearing adult diapers? That’s one tabloid’s story. Gossip Cop wants to look into the claim 

‘Windy Wendy’ Needs Adult Diapers? 

The latest edition of the National Enquirer contained a shocking article about Wendy Williams. The article alleged that, in the wake of the talk show host passing gas on air, her friends are growing concerned about her health. It insists that the frequency with which Williams is passing gas has become an issue. The article does unfortunately go on to remark on the smell. It then goes on to speculate how Williams’ gassiness is affecting her love-life.  

The article’s supposed insiders insist that Williams’ diet is to blame for the flatulence. Despite the nonchalance with which Williams has handled the incidences, the article insists that it’s becoming an issue. According to the piece, William’s friends are staging an intervention. Part of the solution, the magazine suggests, could be adult diapers. 

Williams Friends Staging An Intervention? 

So, is it true that Williams’ gas is becoming a problem? Of course not. This article is horribly offensive and obviously made-up. The claim is entirely ludicrous and has nothing to back it up. There is no way to confirm or disprove the concerns of her peers, but one look at this article is enough to tell that it’s bogus. 

First up, the headline is very concerning: “Pals Want Windy Wendy To Squelch The Belch!” followed by the sub-header, “say gassy lassie needs adult diapers.” From the start, this article was never meant to inform or address the concerns of William’s friends.  

The name-calling in this piece is endless. The talk-show host is called “Windy Wendy,” “gassy lassie,” “Windbag Wendy,” and “gassy gabber.” Clearly the article’s intention is to make fun of her. The recent viral video of Williams passing gas and burping nearly simultaneously was just the fuel it needed. Finally, the article concludes by calling Williams a “train wreck” who has been “falling apart” for some time. Clearly, there was never going to be any sincerity to this article when it contains such a glaring bias against Williams. 

The Tabloids On Williams 

Wendy Williams is a notorious target for the tabloids’ most ridiculous stories. Not long ago tabloids were claiming the host suffered a stroke on-air. The tabloids also like to claim that her health is in jeopardy, and that she’s in danger of losing her job over it. Magazines even claim that Williams is in need of “emergency psychological care.” These very strange, very personal speculations are proof that when it comes to Williams, there’s no such thing as “too far” for the tabloids. 

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