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Cindy Crawford Worried About Kaia Gerber’s New Relationship With Cara Delevingne?


Cindy Crawford Worried About Kaia Gerber’s New Relationship With Cara Delevingne?

Is Cindy Crawford mortified by her daughter Kaia Gerber dating Cara Delevingne? Since Gerber and Delevingne are not dating, we doubt it. Gossip Cop has the real story.

Two models and friends are a little cozy at a protest and magically we have a budding relationship and a family feud. Woman’s Day is reporting not only that Gerber and Delevingne are dating, but Crawford disapproves. Gerber recently dated Pete Davidson whom Crawford apparently also disliked, according to the tabloid. A single source told the magazine “Cindy just doesn’t know what to do” regarding her 18-year-old daughters dating life. “She has no problem with Kaia exploring her sexuality but of all people, why the most infamous party queen on the scene?”

The single lone anonymous source seems to know deeply personal information about how a mother feels about her daughters partner. It’s unlikely that one source would know that Crawdord is “worried sick” about this alleged relationship. In fact, Crawford was recently spotted by the Daily Mail happily getting dinner with Gerber and Delevingne, and she hardly appeared worried or upset at all. It’s safe to say Crawford has no beef with Delevingne and that this rumor is completely false.

We’ve also busted this same tabloid in the past over made-up stories involving Crawford. In April, it reported that Crawford’s marriage was in peril. Gossip Cop busted that story, as it claimed Crawford and husband Rande Gerber were arguing over Davidson. Davidson and Kaia had already broken up when that story was published, making the reason for this supposed infighting impossible. The truth is there’s no bitterness between Crawford, Rande, or Kaia, as evidenced by a lovely Instagram post last month.

Furthermore, it’s wrong to call Delevingne “the most infamous party queen on the scene.” She recently split from Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson after two years of dating. Before that, she dated musician St. Vincent for a full year. We’re talking years here, not flings or days. Those are both fairly long relationships to be a part of for such an “infamous” person.

That being said, there is very little evidence that Gerber and Delevingne are romantically entangled. We busted Heat, a sister-mag of the tabloid in question, for claiming these two are dating. That publication was non-committal about this potential relationship, acknowledging the two “might just be good friends.” If even the tabloid won’t commit to the fiction, then that fiction must really be a stretch. Kaia Gerber’s rep confirmed to us there is nothing romantic going on.

Delevingne and Gerber are certainly friends, but this dating rumor is just one in a long line of shady rumors for Delevingne. She was said to be dating Paris Jackson by the National Enquirer, which Gossip Cop debunked after sources clarified that the two were flirty but not dating. That seems to be same relationship Gerber and Delevingne have, potentially flirty but no reason to think it’s more than friendship. We busted a similar rumor about Delevingne pining after Rihanna. Delevingne is openly pansexual. Tabloids feel they can say she’s dating just about anyone she’s seen hanging out with; Gossip Cop will remain steadfast in finding the true stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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