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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Engaged Already? What Insiders Are Saying


Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Engaged Already? What Insiders Are Saying

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck cuddle close together at the premiere of Gigli

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez engaged again after only recently reuniting? That’s the story one tabloid is pushing this week. Gossip Cop investigates the shocking story.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Get ‘A Second Chance At Love’?

“J.Lo & Ben Engagement Shocker!” reads the cover of the most recent edition of In Touch. The tabloid details the couple’s reunion, insisting that “they’ve never stopped loving each other.” Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez shocked everyone when they jetted off to Miami together in late May where they were spotted having a massive flirt-fest at the gym. According to the tabloid’s inside source, “They looked madly in love. They were super playful with each other between sets and even shared a kiss on the gym floor. They looked like a couple of newlyweds.”

The couple was having such a great time that Affleck apparently decided to pop the question once again. “The magic is still there, and they picked up right where they left off 17 years ago,” spilled the insider. And apparently Affleck is ready to do it right this time around. “The ring is even bigger than the last one,” shared the tipster, claiming it’s valued at $ 3.2 million.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Hearing Wedding Bells?

According to the report, Affleck couldn’t be more excited. “He says Jennifer has always been the one for him and he’s happier than he’s been in a long time,” insists the source. The newly engaged couple reportedly hopes to be married by the end of this summer, and they’ve already shared the news with their kids. “He and Jennifer both agree that what they have is truly special, it’s only a matter of time before they officially go public with their engagement,” the insider muses.

The tabloid admits that the news comes as a bittersweet surprise to Affleck’s ex-wife and mother to his kids, Jennifer Garner. “Part of her is happy Ben has moved on and found love again, but then part of her is a little heartbroken, because Jen feels that Ben may have been pining for Jennifer during their marriage,” the source shares. But Affleck isn’t letting anything hold him back. “Most people don’t get a second chance at love, but they did — and they’re determined not to blow it this time,” the insider concludes.

Gossip Cop’s Take

So, is it true that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are engaged once again? Anything is possible, but it doesn’t seem likely. Although Affleck and Lopez’s relationship is heating up, the couple still lives on opposite sides of the United States, though that may be changing soon. Not to mention, both are dedicated parents to children from their previous marriages and have a lot of other responsibilities to manage outside of their whirlwind romance.

Additionally, Lopez just called off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez and it’s unlikely she’s jumping right back into an engagement with Affleck. While it’s totally possible Affleck and Lopez might decide to tie the knot sometime in the future, there’s no evidence that’s happening any time soon.

Also, we seriously doubt Jennifer Garner takes any issue with Affleck and Lopez’s reunion. Garner hasn’t publicly addressed the news at all, so it’s completely ridiculous for the tabloid to suggest it has any kind of insight into Garner’s state of mind. Garner and Affleck continue to co-parent their three kids and seem to be on good terms.

The Tabloid On Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck

Besides, In Touch has a bad rep when it comes to Affleck and Lopez. This same tabloid alleged in 2019 that Lopez couldn’t speak Spanish. Then the magazine reported earlier this year that Lopez was rebounding with Lenny Kravitz. The tabloid was even reporting shortly before Affleck reunited with Lopez that he and Jennifer Garner were getting back together. Obviously, In Touch isn’t a trustworthy source when it comes to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

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